PTSD After Workplace Accidents

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is often associated with Armed Forces members and veterans. However, anyone can develop this anxiety disorder after experiencing or witnessing an especially traumatic event, such as something that came with the threat of injury or even death. If you suffer from PTSD after a traumatic workplace accident, it may be difficult for you to return to work as normal.

Interestingly, this anxiety disorder can develop immediately after your stressful situation or not appear until several months afterwards. Additionally, it can last three months to several years. There are three main categories of symptoms that doctors look for when diagnosing your condition. These symptoms include:

  • Avoidance � emotional numbness, depression, loss of interest
  • Reliving memories � flashbacks, nightmares, re-experiencing after contact with certain objects
  • Emotional arousal � feeling tense or easily startled, difficulty sleeping, outbursts of anger

There are many different workplace accidents that can lead to PTSD. If you are a construction worker, you may have experienced a devastating fall from an elevated height. People in office buildings may have suffered through an in-office fire. You may have witnessed someone accidentally amputate a limb while operating heavy machinery. All of this can lead to the avoidance, intrusive memories, and hyperarousal that characterize PTSD.

Unfortunately, these symptoms can interfere with your ability to carry out your job. Even being at work can trigger flashbacks that prevent you from working. Your feelings of anxiety and depression can make it difficult to focus on your work. Thus, you may have to take time away from your job to undergo counseling and therapy to help you manage your PTSD. If a workplace accident has caused your post-traumatic stress disorder, you may require additional compensation from your employer to cover therapy and counseling sessions.

Victims of workplace accidents should be given generous compensation and possibly leave time in order to fully recover from their stressful situation. If you have been hurt while at work, please contact a knowledgeable New Jersey workplace injuries attorney from Levinson Axelrod, P.A., today.

At Levinson Axelrod, P.A., we can help you with your workers’ compensation and disability cases so that you receive the financial compensation you need for your suffering. To leanr more about your legal options, contact an experienced NJ worker’s compensation lawyer from Levinson Axelrod, P.A., today.

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