PTSD: What it is and how to beat it

Issues to consider:

– Chemical Imbalances
– Past Emotional Issues
– Ineffective Strategies and Neurolinguistic Patterns

Alternative Services Available:

-Neurolinguistic programming Therapy
-Timeline Therapy�
-Individual/Family Therapy
-Non-Medication Treatment Alternatives

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other related symptoms typical feel like you are re-experiencing a traumatic event. Fear, flashbacks, physiological responses, are all common symptoms.

“I find that my clients who suffered from PTSD have developed an in effective strategy or neurological pattern, once this pattern was interrupted or removed the PTSD behavior went away and they were able to return to a normal life again.” stated Jeff Papadelis Founder of, an online PTSD Therapy Company. All our outward and inward behavior is a result of these neurological processing patterns. If a specific pattern occurs, then a specific behavior is generated. If the neurological pattern does not occur, then the behavior does not occur. A PTSD Pattern is usually developed as a protection method in response to a real or perceived life threatening situation. This pattern can be recalled by the brain at any time by any number of triggers. This is how people continue to suffer from flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, social fears and more. Doctors, therapist and researchers have been studying new innovative techniques using non-medicated treatment alternatives. Leading the way are NLP and Timeline Therapy�, two technologies that were designed to allow people to very quickly change their neurological patterns and release negative emotions from past events. Therapist trained in these techniques can elicit a persons neurological pattern by listening to their predicates, watching their eye patterns, and making notes of the order and sequence of the modalities as they are presented. After the elicitation, the therapist will introduce specific NLP & Time Line Therapy� techniques that will interrupt the neurological pattern which frees the client from their past behavior of PTSD. The results are immediate and considered permanent.

For more information on how NLP and Timeline Therapy� are working together to stop PTSD, visit

For the last decade Jeff Papadelis, founder of Jeff Papadelis Companies LLC has dedicated his life to researching, developing and delivering breakthrough processes that enable people to not only address the symptoms of their problem but to eliminate it for good. He is an international speaker, trainer and master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy(TM) & Hypnosis. His products help people world wide to improve the quality of their lives.

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