New online computer therapy for PTSD

I was almost retired when I read that 300,000+ (now projected at 500,000+) troops had come home from Iraq (and now Afghanistan too) with PTSD and had great difficulty in accessing appropriate mental health care for a number of reasons. I researched the subject and learned that certain eye movement therapies, offered by traditional therapists in private offices or clinics, were found to be effective in treating PTSD and had been used successfully for emotional trauma worldwide for the last 20 years.

I wanted to combine an accepted PTSD therapy with technology and provide greater access, lower cost, and confidentiality to veterans suffering from PTSD and PTSD-like symptoms. I soon found that other non-veterans like victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and other severe emotional traumas suffered from PTSD and PTSD-like symptoms as well.

With the help of two nationally known PTSD psychiatrists, I developed a self-directed eye movement program for treating emotional trauma that could be used online on a home computer without a therapist.

It�s hard to talk to someone you don�t know about something traumatic that is terribly personal and at times, overwhelming in its violence, horror and loss. My feeling was that the process would work better if people weren�t required to �bare their souls� and discuss incredibly painful memories with a stranger.

We called the new program Eye Movement Memory Processing or EMMP. We felt that the program had such great potential, that we applied for a federal patent which is now pending.

The program can be used on a home computer, is confidential, requires no personal information, and was tested by over two thousand users over the past two years. The program works quickly compared to other forms of therapy and has no side effects that are often found in drug therapy. Our follow up research after one year shows relief is lasting.

My goal of providing this kind of help for veterans is now a reality and the numbers of veterans and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse that we reach grow daily. We will continue the effort for years to come. And I also get a bonus that I couldn�t even anticipate three years ago when we started�the emails I receive from people who have found real comfort and life-changing relief from using the program. I never thought I would be able to affect so many lives in such a meaningful way. It has added a dimension to my life I never imagined.

Jeff Eastman

©2011, Inc. All Right Reserved United States Patent Pending EMMP�

Jeff Eastman is founder of, an online provider of computer therapy for traumatic stress including PTSD.

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