Understanding PTSD

Understanding PTSD

Have you, or someone you
  • Been through combat?
  • Lived through a disaster?
  • Experienced any other kind of traumatic event?
readUnderstanding PTSD (PDF)
Includes full color photos, real stories, and more.
VeteranWhat is PTSD? This interactive module will help you learn about common reactions to trauma, hear real stories of those who have dealt with PTSD, and how to get help.

Other Information on PTSD

After a trauma or life-threatening event, it is common to have reactions such as upsetting memories of the event, increased jumpiness, or trouble sleeping. If these reactions do not go away or if they get worse, you may have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

How Can I Solve My Problem? The answer is “information” … … and the information is here!

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