New therapy uses reflexes to rapidly relieve pain without medications.

  For folks who have tried traditional pain therapies without results, there may be hope in the form of a new treatment approach, called Primal Reflex Release Technique.

The body often reacts reflexively to stress, trauma and pain creating patterns of protection. These persistent protective patterns can undermine all attempts at traditional modes of pain relief, resulting in chronic pain and movement impairment.
A reflex is an automatic and involuntary physiological response that results from the nervous system’s reaction to a stimulus. Through a new understanding of reflexive communications, it is now possible to harness the body’s own reflexes to produce profound relief of a multitude of symptoms. This approach toward wellness and healing produces a harmonious balance between the brain and body resulting in pain relief, optimized human performance, significant relaxation and stress reduction.
Stress dramatically impacts the body’s ability to heal and recover from injury. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75-90% of all doctor visits are stress-related. By tapping into the body’s own reflexive communications, the balance between the neurological and physiological systems can be quickly and painlessly restored, improving performance at work, home and at play. Dramatic benefits are realized by a majority of patients within one to four sessions.
Littleton based physical therapist, Scott Musgrave, is one of fewer than 100 health care practitioners in the country trained through advanced levels with PRRT.
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You won’t find anyone who works harder to help you. At Musgrave Wellness and Performance, we strive to achieve impactful results on every one of your visits by addressing your most powerful tool: your own nervous system.
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