The Next Right Thing

Make decisions based on fairness to everyone, you included. Do what is right whenever possible. This will insure that your peace of mind is secure. Without peace, there is no success. There are no “good” or “bad” decisions, just “wise” and “unwise” decisions. The most successful people act without hesitation (other than punching your boss in the mouth) when making a decision. These same individuals are slow to change that decision, but if the necessary result is not achieved, they will change their plan of action. We learn from these decisions as we learn from people that we come in contact with, do not put off that task that will free you from the chains that bind you. At times that might be just getting out of bed. The world continues; change your state of mind. Remember, motion creates emotion. We want to achieve a strong emotional state because with this emotional state we can do whatever we choose to do, we can have whatever we desire when we live with a positive mental attitude. This attitude opens doors.

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