5 Ways To Relieve Stress This Weekend

5 Ways To Relieve Stress This Weekend

– by Chris Green

(c) Chris Green – All Rights reserved

In today’s busy world, stress is a real problem for many people throughout the week. There is so much to do both at work and at home and it’s so important for your health to keep stress at bay. Here’s how to make the most of your weekend so you can relax and enjoy living and relieve stress as you do.

Listening to music is another great stress-buster and certainly beats watching the garbage dished up on TV these days. Music can inspire, soothe, calm, and excite you and it is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer in my humble opinion. So why not take in some live music? Whether your tastes lie in classical, opera, jazz, blues or R&B, you’ll be able to find somewhere that caters to your taste. Or, you could just schedule some time to sit down and listen to your favorite CD’s in the comfort of your home – maybe have a relaxing soak in the tub as you do? It’s such a great way to relieve stress, so make it a part of your stress-busting weekend.

How about involving all of the family in your weekend of stress relief? A picnic is a great day out for all of the family. Zoos, theme parks, the beach, the lakes are places all of the family will enjoy but you don’t have to venture afar to enjoy a picnic. You could enjoy a picnic in the comfort of your garden, maybe even fire up the barbecue while you’re at it? Your picnic, your call, just make sure all the family are involved in preparing the food so they feel part of it.

Why not take full advantage of the free time the weekend brings by doing something new? You could visit a new town or village, a park, a museum, or even a new restaurant or a coffee shop. You could go watch some sport, or even take up a new sport or hobby. This will broaden your horizons and will keep life fresh and interesting as well as helping to relieve stress.

Why not spend a cosy night indoors with your lover and cook a special dinner? A great idea is to try different cuisines – be as exotic as you dare! This is time for indulging your relationship so leave the stressful stuff like work elsewhere. Make the effort to dress for dinner and have candles and relaxing music in the background to create a nice ambience. I know one couple who’ve done this at least once a month for more than 30 years and they say it’s one of the main reasons for their success. Try it, I have and it is a great way to bust stress and improve your relationship.

Take a timeout and spend a day or two completely away from the firing line. Go somewhere tranquil, somewhere you can take walks or cycle rides to take in the scenery and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the place. Lakes, a beach, a park, the countryside – whatever you enjoy. Just leave your cares and worries behind and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

You can use these tips to help you make the most of your weekends and relieve stress as you do. Why not give them a try this weekend?

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