You Must Change the 148,000 No’s In Your Subconscious to Yes’s

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You Must Change the 148,000 No’s In Your Subconscious to Yes’s

What does it take to succeed? How can you move forward – no, take
a quantum leap forward – in your achievements, in realizing your

According to some research, a person who grows up in an average,
reasonably positive home is told “no” or told what he or she
cannot do over 148,000 times before they hit their 18th birthday!
The number of “yes'” or encouragement on what they can do is far
smaller than the “no’s”, “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” (which are
all “no’s”).

So what?

Well, think about it. The results you achieve in your life are a
result of the actions you take. So what determines the actions
you will take?

Let us first discuss the power of practice and repetition. We all
know that repetition creates habit. Our brains and physiology
learns through repetition. We are pattern-making and pattern-
following creatures. Practice makes perfect. Whether you like it
or not, the more you repeat something, the more it becomes part
of you.

Repetition is programming. Repetition is programming. And 148,000
“no’s” is a lot of programming!

Repetition creates programming, which in turn creates beliefs,
which in turn determine your thoughts and emotions, which in turn
determine your actions, which in turn determine your results.

Have you noticed how you tend to think the same kind of thoughts
over and over again? Studies show that we have about 50,000
thoughts per day, and a whooping 90% of them are repetitive! Like
an old, tired record. And remember, repetition creates patterns,
habits. You are literally hypnotizing yourself with your repeated

Other research shows that 77% of everything that most people
think about is negative, self-damaging, hindering, and
counterproductive. Now, remember, your results come from your
actions, and your actions come from your thoughts, and your
thoughts come from your beliefs, and beliefs come from your
programming (what you repeatedly tell yourself or get told).

It goes even further than that. Your subconscious mind controls
almost everything about you. For example, it controls your
autonomic nervous system. What is that? Here is what the
Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia says: “Autonomic Nervous System,
in vertebrate anatomy, one of the two main divisions of the
nervous system, supplying impulses to the body’s heart muscles,
smooth muscles, and glands. The autonomic system controls the
action of the glands; the functions of the respiratory,
circulatory, digestive, and urogenital systems; and the
involuntary muscles in these systems and in the skin. Controlled
by nerve centers in the lower part of the brain, the system also
has a reciprocal effect on the internal secretions, being
controlled to some degree by the hormones and exercising some
control, in turn, on hormone production.” Which all means that
your hormones, energy levels, actions and so forth are controlled
by the subconscious mind. If you have told yourself that you are
clumsy, the subconscious will work with your hormones, motor
, and so on and make you act, move and talk stupid. If you
have told yourself that you don’t fit in social situations, you
will find yourself standing in the corner not fitting. Whatever
you say, boss. Your subconscious is like a computer. Whatever you
program into it, it makes happen. No questions asked. You are the
boss, and whatever you say, happens.

Your imagination, your thoughts, what you perceive, what you
don’t perceive, what you see and what you miss, how you act, what
you feel… these are all determined by one thing: your
programming, what you repetitively tell yourself (and what you
repetitively got told or observed during your youthful formation

So how do you take the quantum leap, how do you step out of the
box of your own thoughts and see beyond it. How do you program
yourself for success? Well, the same way you create all
programming: practice. Repetition. You have to not only find what
works positively for you, but you have to practice that new
positive way over and over until it becomes part of you. Positive
thinking and self-help advice will not work unless you make it
permanent for you by practicing it over and over. Your entire
physiology has to be rewired; your neural pathways (which create
pattern and memory) have to be redrawn. All this happens by
practice. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Practice. Then one
day, like with everything else you ever learnt through practice,
you just find yourself automatically doing it! It becomes you!

Ok, now how fast and to what extent can you grow your
consciousness within one lifetime? The quick and dirty answer is
that there is an average rate of growth, but there are no limits.
According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his
bestselling book Power vs. Force, people on average tend to
increase their consciousness by 5 points in a lifetime (on a
scale of 0 to 1000). So if you were born at a consciousness level
of 300, you tend to get to 305 by the time you die. But that is
an average that includes billions of people. There is nothing to
limit anyone except their own choices. Many are on record for
having achieved 100% or even 2000% increases or more, where they
are literally renewed and are different in just about everyway. A
transformation happens.

So if you wish to leap forward, know that nothing stops you. But
also know that you have to leap forward in your mind first. You
have to re-write the negative programming that is keeping you
where you are. And re=programming is done best through acting in
the new way and practicing that over and over until it becomes
part of you. The more you open up, let go, allow, trust and not
resist or defend your old ways, the faster you will move forward.
Practice. Whatever you do, practice until it becomes you. And it
will happen automatically, you will find yourself anew.

Brought to you by Timothy Kendrick International

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