Worry is a Psychic Disease That Vanishes When Action is Taken.

Worry is a Psychic Disease That Vanishes When Action is Taken.

First, decide what you want.

Second, decide you are willing to pay the price to make it happen, then PAY THAT PRICE!

There is never something for nothing. Mother Nature does not work this way.

Your first question to yourself was probably the same as mine. What do I want? From my own personal history I have found if I work for “a cause” and not “for a living” It takes care of itself.

Now you say “what is my cause?” Easy, what are you passionate about?

What are you more passionate about than any other thing in the world?

Remember the focus of your attention and concerns must be moved away from yourself and always moving toward others (giving).

By helping others through your “major definite purpose” get what they want, you will get what you want and more.

(1)Riches (money)

(2) The skills attained from your experience learned by performing these actions.

My friend Tony says “purpose is stronger than outcome, if you are committed there is always a way”.

Me, simply put, Giving is living.

Peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick

Timothy Kendrick International

Please visit my friend
Bob Proctor from “the Secret” and get Six Minutes To Success

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