Tell Your Mind What To Think, thanks Gary Evans

As little kids, we were constantly barraged with lessons on what to do and what not to do. It could be as instructional as ‘don’t play with matches’; ‘don’t talk to strangers’; ‘eat vegetables’ and so on. These got ingrained in your system that doing it became automatic. That’s great but what if you were constantly told ‘you’re not good enough’; ‘your grades are lower than so-and-so’; ‘you’re not pretty’; ‘you’re fat’ etc.? Unfortunately, yes, this negative outlook got into your psyche too. Like a dormant computer virus, it got embedded into your programming. Let’s say you were always told that you’re ugly. You grew up thinking that and each time you try to improve your looks, this ‘virus’ creeps up and tells you ‘don’t bother, you’re ugly’. As it has been in your subconscious for so long, you believe it and will just go on as you are. Substitute the word ‘ugly’ with ‘fat’ or ‘stupid’ or any of those degrading terms and you get the drift.

Would you like to go on like that all the time? Well, pretty much like a computer, you can also give your subconscious an anti-virus to counteract the negatives. The simplest way is to constantly affirm a positive mantra to drown out the negatives. You are, in fact, reprogramming yourself when you do this. Say ‘I am smart and I can ______ (replace with whatever you want to do)’ or whatever variation you can think of. It might take a lot of willpower, practice and time to get accustomed to this new program though. Say it repeatedly, whenever you have a free moment, until it becomes real to you. Remember that all the negatives came about because you heard it all your life. Hearing positives will work the same way.

One thought on “Tell Your Mind What To Think, thanks Gary Evans

  1. Hi, Timothy!

    After I survived a life-threatening illness and suffered extreme PTSD symptoms my mother always told me, 'Your mind knows only what you tell it.'

    But that didn't work for me. My mind had its own very strong opinions and no matter what positive affirmations I supplied, it turned its back on them and lashed out in all kinds of debilitative PTSD ways.

    And then I found a more direct route to my subconscious: hypnotherapy. Have you or any of your readers had success with that? It has completely cured me so that I am trauma/PTSD-free for the first time in almost 30 years.

    Like you, I used to say, 'It doesn't get any easier, it just gets later', but now I say, 'It gets gone!' It is possible to bridge the gap between PTSD and a joyful, trauma-free life after all.

    I'm blogging about this whole experience of PTSD and my cure at

    Come join me and let me know your thoughts.


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