Ramblings from “A Bullet in my Soul” Release date spring 2009
by Timothy Kendrick

Personal Desires

Here is an easy way to see if the outcome you desire is really, really what you want.

How does it make you feel when you do it or think about doing it?

Remember there is no logic in thinking so you must get emotional about it.

Does your heart race in a pleasant manner and time seems to stand still.

Or does it suck the life out of you and you dread every second of it.

Are you drained spiritually, mentally or physically after you have done the chosen path?

Your ego will say this is what I SHOULD DO or this is what “they” want. “They” without proclaiming who or what is nothing more than an excuse.

When I am following my joy through an easy and relaxed manner, abundance, peace and wealth flow through and around me.

Bombs could be going off and I would not even know it.

When I was a soldier for some odd reason I had many moments of ecstatic bliss.

I was at peace more than not when seriously heavy shizzit was going on around me. (war)

Many of my Superiors thought I was totally nuts (I was) and locked me up on more than one occasion.

I’m not saying I did not pay a price for that lifestyle. If you read my first book you will know.

I did pay a price although greater men and women than I have paid a bigger price.

I would not for a moment give up any one of those experiences that enlightened me and helped make me who I am today.

This leads back to my ego. “I” thought “they” were out to get me so I volunteered for every shit job overseas I could find because when I was around the Stateside Bases it was only a matter of time before my old patterns would creep in and my mouth would get me in trouble.

Besides I did not like that entire saluting ass kissing lifer crap. Remember this was my perception, my own B.S. (belief systems)

“I” wanted to be where I could kind of make my own rules (ego again). Most of the places I went there were no rules.

I remember when I landed in Somalia I ask an old-timer there “what are the rules of engagement?” He says to me “there aren’t any”. My kind of war. (I was a professional really)

I had no intention of coming back alive. (My plan, not the divinities)

So how do we know what is right or wrong for us, wise or unwise?

Remember the villain is the hero of his own story.

Well you just follow your bliss.

My bliss today is contributing to my fellow man.

This is why I always paraphrase Wayne Dyer’s 4 phases of life when I say Athlete, Warrior, Statesman, and Spiritual Being.

Don’t get me wrong, I touched many souls when I traveled the globe and many people who are no longer in this dimension of existence touched mine.

In spite of my insanity there were positive things that came out of it. Mostly when Divine Intervention intervened.

People ask me about spiritual experiences which I have had several powerful ones.

Well as far as I know about god.

1.God is this moment,

2.God is in everything

3.God wants us to be abundant so we can better serve our fellow man

4.God knows what he’s doing, That’s how he got the job!!

When the day comes and “they” chunk me in the ground the only thing that will mean a damn thing is that dash – between my date of birth and my date of death.

That little dash –

What does that little dash represent to you?

Now is all there is and all there will ever be.

What have you given to mankind in your moments of this day?

Remember, what you give you get to keep?

Whose soul have you touched today?

We don’t die.

We are just a bundle of energy on a short trip through this dimension to learn, love, live and yes leave a legacy?

What is your Legacy you want to leave?

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