When is now a good time to start?

The hero and the coward feel the same fear. The difference, the hero confronts his fear.

Time is the only commodity that we all have the same amount of.

If you run out of money or some other material substance you can always make more. Time on the other hand is gone forever.

Live each moment as if it was your last, feel the bliss of knowing that you are living life to the fullest. Now take a moment or two and decide what it is you want.
I will tell you from my own experience and that of Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, Ford, Sylvester Stallone and many others that
Know what you want, Decide you are going to do it and be willing to stay “laser focused” until you get it.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush says “The joy is in the journey and the journey is in the joy”.

You get two things from any undertaking that you aspire to achieve. The first is the experience you gain from “going for it”.
Second, the riches you will acquire from the actions taken will be invaluable. They may come in the form of money (if that is what you want), they may come in the form of a peace in your heart and peace of mind. Simply put,

Riches Earned From Lessons Learned
These two things combined allow you to expand your mind and your references which in turn allow you to give more.


The secret to Living is Giving.

and True contribution makes life richer
in every way

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