by Timothy Kendrick

First, we fight because we took an oath। Most importantly, we fight for our buddy next to us। Duty, Honor, Country, yes, ultimately it is for each other’s survival।
From my experience in dealing with the VA (Veterans Administration) the only people who are going to fight any battles for you with them (and win) is AMVETS or the DAV। Do not attempt to get through the red tape and political bureaucracy of the VA by yourself। Let AMVETS or the DAV do it for you। The best part, it will not cost you a dime!

I finally went to see an AMVETS representative, he was gracious, helpful and did almost all of the paperwork for me (hell, I could hardly write my name)। I received my compensation within 6 months। It would have taken the VA 3 or 4 years because of the backlog। The VA has assisted millions of returning veterans and I praise them for what they accomplish with their limited resources and funding।

If you were like me, you would keep putting off contacting the Veterans Administration until finally you gained enough leverage (pain) to take action। The VA much like our great countries political system has become a career for far too many who have far too little to offer। In all fairness, I have met angels and heroes at the VA that have passion for what they do by taking care of the great warriors who have served this nation.

I did go to a couple “Vet Centers” looking for help, but I did not find anything. You might, but I did not. It is not for everybody. In addition, AMVETS and the DAV can point you in the right direction with the VA as far as Vocational Rehabilitation and countless other benefits you have earned. Use whatever works for you. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great program also.


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