15 Minute Weight Loss Audio Program

15 Minute Weight Loss is an audio-based program that helps users to manage their weight through changes to the mind-set (the subconscious mind).

If a person doesn’t truly believe (in their subconscious) that he or she can lose weight, they’ll never will. There are so many people out there who’ve tried dozens of diet plans or exercise programs, but never achieve their desired weight. Either that or they’ll reach their ideal weight, and then bounce back again in no time.

15 Minute Weight Loss Freebie

The main program consists of 3 audio tracks of 15 minutes each, that are recorded with a layer of subliminal self-hypnosis (by a clinical hypnotherapist), over high-quality nature sounds that are blended with brainwave entrainment beats, for an immersive and pleasant listening experience.

Users will listen to each track for one week, before moving on to the next track, for a total of 21 days. Nothing else needs to be consciously done. Hence, this is a truly effortless weight-loss program.

When listening to the tracks, the users may experience deep relaxation or in some cases, drowsiness. So the tracks must not be used while driving or operating machinery

We were told that to stay in shape, you need to eat less sugar…

That you have to count carbs…

Or that you need to consume more greens.

But if you’re anything like me, doing this stuff takes more energy than exercising itself

[This simple technique] The 15 Minute Weight Loss program does all the heavy lifting for you.

So if you feel like you’ve tried every weight loss trick under the sun…

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From cumbersome diets and exercise, to complex supplements — yet you feel like your body’s resisting them all…

[Go here to grab this free guide.]

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